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In-Game Photography can be definded as taking a Screenshot while beinig in a game. Taking a screenshot is in most systems an easy process by clicking a special button or using a simple tool. So everyone can be an in-game photographer as today everyone can be a photographer using modern digital cameras or mobile phones. But as in the early days of photography if you dig deeper in the technology there are many possibilities to improve the outcome of your in-game photography far beyond taking a screenshot.

In perfection it can be a form of art, which consists of photographing video game worlds. It differentiates from Screenshotting in being more related to art and photography. Émile Zola, who described a painting from Camille Pissarro as creating an extraordinary poem of life and strength from ordinary reality. This can be applied to in-game photography, too In this Wiki the focus lies on the emotional responses as the keystone to experiencing In-Game Photography and the creation of an emotional experience as the purpose of artistic expression.

In-game photographers share the same motivations as "real life" photographers, including a desire to capture visually interesting images, preserve memories, and demonstrating technical expertise. You find examples on the artists page.

Horizon Zero Dawn: Whenever you want to show size of an object, if the distance allows it, shoot it from below, as close to the ground as possible. That way an already big enemy like the one in this photo looks like it is towering over Aloy and that stomp that it is going for, would definitely crush her. In the same respect, with this angle we want to also show how small the other character is. Having the horizon that low also gives an almost infinite size feel to the enemy making him look larger than even the scenery.


The composition of in-game-photos differentiates them from screenshots. Learn how to see the composition possibilities in-game, and how to analyze your photography.

Image Manipulation

Image manipulation involves transforming a photograph using various techniques to achieve a desired result.

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