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Die Hauptfigur des Spiels ist Jack Carver, ehemaliger Elite-Soldat der US Marines, der sich zur Ruhe gesetzt hat und sein Geld nun mit Bootsfahrten im Südpazifik verdient. Er soll die Journalistin Valerie Constantine zu einer nicht auf Karten verzeichneten Inselgruppe bringen, da Valerie dort angeblich Bilder von japanischen Ruinen aus dem Zweiten Weltkrieg machen will. Bei der Rückfahrt von der Insel wird Carvers Boot jedoch beschossen und versenkt. Unter Beschuss von unbekannten Söldnern wird er in eine Höhle gespült. Ab diesem Zeitpunkt übernimmt der Spieler die Kontrolle.

In-Game Photos

  • The dramatic effect of this images come from the high trees and ridges that seem to cave us in and in a way pressure us to run toward the middle part of the image. Natural lightning gives us something we can corelate to, even though this is not a real shot of the nature. Additionally, there are a few details like the high tree in the middle as well as the white ones that give us the feeling of being in the "land of Gods".
  • Following the rule of thirds, the focus is placed on the entrance to the cave, and the blue sky complements the warm tone of the torch and the cave itself with it's rough stone texture. Also there is a rule of subject position in the line of field, where these hanging branches create more plains of depth, so you have branches in the first plan, torch and pointy rock in the second and cave entrance and sky in the third.
  • The natural cave-in and the walls themself push the viewers eye toward the center, naturally creating a vignette effect. Additionally, the rough and sharp stalactites give a stark contrast compared to warm and natural light of the fire.
  • It's important to know that sometimes less is more. By now, you've already seeing the benefit of the rule of thirds and how it adds more appeal to each shot. In this one we went a step further by reducing the general saturation of the shot, ontrodusing for for the dramatic effect while keeping the viewers eye focused on the moon as a rule of geometry contrasts.
  • This landscape team with natural and dramatic light of the sunrise, and by the rule of thirds, ground begins from the low left part of the shot and finishes on the right second line, basically making it a diagonal composition.