Leading Lines

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  • The first thing your eyes will drift towards in Red Dead II is, well, the inn smacking you right in the face! I deliberately placed the camera here to bring attention to the building and allowed the angle of the street (continuing onwards towards nature), sidewalks, and power lines to portray the illusion of a more interesting town at large. This creates more dynamic influence versus a head-on static shot. The contrast between the lighter values of the left versus dark on the right also highlights a more aesthetically interesting picture.
  • Artificial and naturally occurring lines and curves can have a dramatic effect on the overall composition of an image. Lines contribute to an illusion of depth and oftentimes bring attention to a specific focal point for the viewer. Arranging subjects and objects along lines can direct a person to follow along the picture for the perception of movement. Landscape shots tend to invoke a sense of stillness and tranquility thanks in part to a naturally occurring horizontal line