Balancing Elements

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Make sure all the elements of a composition work well together. In doing so, your photograph can become visually balance. Avoid overpowering elements.


  • This spot stuck out to me, and the feeling of movement is a significant part of that. Rather than the hills and stone markers all being the same size, each is unique, with some larger than others. You can see the different markers placed closer to and farther from the horizon. The same can be said of the hills, each sloping and guiding the eye to move from one to the other, culminating in the larger mountain all the way in the back.
  • Light penetrates the ship hangar in the left background, illuminating a stage and all the objects surrounding it. In the right foreground, the fighter jet sticks out a bit, partially obscured by the darker lighting. The contrast and asymmetry of the image is striking, portraying balance and imbalance simultaneously. Pretty neat!